Roofing & Cladding Composite panel Fixings

We supply industrial roofing Composite panel Hexagon head screws for heavy & light section steel for roofing & cladding In all of the sizes shown.

If you're unsure of the specification you require please contact us and we'll help you to find the products you require as well as advising upon accessories such as drill bits or caps.

Our Stainless steel fixings are manufactured from high quality grade case hardened carbon steel to Din standard 7504 and manufactured with a minimum surface hardness of 560HV0,3 and a core hardness of between 240 and 425 HV10.

All screws are batch tested to determine the quality of corrosion resistance by salt spray testing to DIN 5002155. The organic coating offers 500 hours minimum protection.

Click here to view coloiur chart and cap codes

Hexagon head Composite panel screws for heavy & light section steel

Hexagon head self drilling screws for composite panels heavy section steel between 6mm to 12.5mm Lengths from 85mm to 190mm & light section 1.5mm to 3.5mm
130mm 110mm 90mm 80mm 60mm 45mm 32mm 27mm min
170mm 150mm 130mm 120mm 95mm 73mm 65mm 50mm max

Composite panel heavy section screws

Washers Light section composite panel fixings
CODE Description
G16 16mm Galvanised Bonded Washer
3mm Epdm backing
G19 19mm Galvanised Bonded Washer
3mm Epdm backing
G28 28mm Galvanised Bonded Washer
3mm Epdm backing
light section composite panel screws
Heavy section fix