Bulbtite® Blind Rivets

In order to maintain our position as a supplier of the latest, most reliable & effective fixings we supply Bulbtite®rivets and tool systems to provide our customers with the results that are expected from their clients.

sensitive materials rivet
Sensitive materials
Bulb-tite® rivets with special head forms for very sensitive materials are available on request.
waterproof washer

Plastic colour caps
Bulb-tite® flat head rivets type RV 6604 6 can be fitted with plastic
colour caps - click the link below to see our range of colours and cap sizes.

Click here to view caps and colour chart

Corfast Bulbtite rivets


Bulbtite Rivets

Bulb-tite® rivets differ from standard blind rivets because they form 3 folded legs on the blind-side when upset. The 3 legs provide a large blind-side footprint and high clamp load. Bulb-tite® rivets are ideally suited for fastening soft or sensitive materials.

Large hole tolerance, variable material thickness and uneven surfaces are, in most applications, no problem for Bulb-tite®. Installed parts are vibration resistant and high strength.

When fitted with neoprene washers Bulb-tite® rivets can be made air and watertight. Installing with a special nosepiece positively retains pins. Bulb-tite® rivets have been used for many years in the commercial vehicle, roofing, cladding and many other industries.

Bulbtite rivet applications

Special features:
• installed from one side - no access to blind-side required
• simple installation - pin breaks flush or just below surface of head
• positive retention of pin after installation
• wide grip range - reduces parts inventory
• corrosion resistant materials - aluminium and zinc passivated steel
• vibration resistant through patented design
• very low radial pressure applied to hole - does not damage surface finish of application material
• versatility - can be used in flat or curved components
• watertight when used with neoprene washer

Hole tolerance: Correct installation is possible even if the holes are slightly offset (as long as the rivet can be inserted through both components).

Blind rivets: Can be installed in applications that may only be accessed from one side.

Break pin: Installation is complete when the mandrel breaks flush or just below the head.

Clamp load: Positive retention of the pin and the 3 blind-side folded legs provide a very high clamp load.