Construction fixings

We supply a wide range of European Technically Approved fixings and fasteners to the Construction industry as well as being able to offer the information neccesary to allow fasteners & anchors to be selected with the minimum of effort or
calculation. The selection of the correct fixings, fasteners or anchors can be a very complex task dependent upon many factors including load, resistance and shear requirements.

If you require guidance on your project or how to achieve a particular specification you already have please contact us using the form on our contact page or give us a call on the above number.
We can offer advice on accessories, materials, fixing methods, accesories and tools that may be required. Call us today for the latest competitive prices on any fixings including those shown here as a small example of our extensive range.

Shield Anchors

The Shield Anchor is an all steel internally threaded expansion anchor for general purpose applications. Suitable for fixing into Concrete, Solid Brick, Dense Blockwork and some
Natural Stone.

self tappiing screws and stitchers

1. All Steel anchors
2. PHigh degree of expansion
3. High Tensile Bolt
4. Stainless steel shield availoable

fixings ce mark
Drop in anchors table
Drop in Anchors method

1.Position fixture and drill correct diameter hole to correct depth
2.Clean cut hole by brushing and blowing to remove drilling debris and dust
3. Insert shield into drilled hole
4. Position fixture, insert bolt and tighten to recommended Torque
Care must be taken not to overtighten the bolt or stud where it is not possible to use torque wrench ie Scaffold ring bolts

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